Claire Redfield (In the Movies)

 This page refers to the movie version of Claire, for the game version, go here

Placed in Extinction simply to replace Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield appeared leading a convoy during the post-apocalypse war zone the Umbrella Corporation created. Claire was a mother figure to many people in the convoy, but most especially K-Mart. The two formed an unbreakable bond, that not even the zombie infested Nevada desert could destroy. After flying to Alaska with the convoy survivors to seek safety from infection, Claire, and the rest of the convoy, went missing. Alice searched for them, but only manages to find Claire on an Alaskan beach. Claire had a scarab on her chest, that induced some sort of memory loss. She attacked Alice, but was eventually subdued. Reunited with her brother Chris in a Los Angeles prison, Claire began to trust him, despite not remembering she even had a brother. Claire, Chris and Alice all awaited an Umbrella fleet of soldiers on Arcadia, lead by by Jill Valentine.  

             Ali Larter as Claire Redfield


Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

         Game/Movie Similarities and Differences


  • Similar outfit (In Afterlife)
  • Slightly similar hair color
  • Mother-figure role
  • Brother is Chris Redfield
  • Skilled in various firearms


  • Personality is harder, not as emotional in the movies
  • Noticeable voice difference
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