Rebecca Chambers

Rebecca Chambers was the newest member of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team when they were sent in to investigate the grisly murders going on in the outskirts of Raccoon City. Unfortunately, the Bravo team's helicopter crashed, and Rebecca went searching inside an Ecliptic Express train. Inside, she met up with Billy Coen, a fugitive charged for the murders of 23 murders. Despite her screaming urgency not to trust him, she had to in order to survive. She quickly trusted him, and believed he didn't kill all those people. She told her team that Billy had perished in the dark forest, so he could escape. One of the only four former S.T.A.R.S. members alive, Rebecca grew strong and is quickly able to adapt to situation.

Date of Birth: 1980 (Age 29-30)

Blood Type: AB

Gender: Female

Height: 5ft,3in

Weight: 93lbs

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Occupation: S.T.A.R.S. Medic (former)

Status: Alive

Voiced by: Lynn Harris (RE1), Hope Levy (Remake), Riva Di Paola (RE0), Stephanie Sheh (RE:UC, RE5)

First Appearance: Resident Evil (1996)

Latest Appearance: Resident Evil 5 (2009)

Last Timeline Appearance: Resident Evil (1998)

Complete List of Appearances: 

Video Games -

Resident Evil (1996)

Resident Evil (2002)

Resident Evil 0 (2002)

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (2007)

Non-Canon Game Appearances:

Resident Evil 5

Novels -

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy

Resident Evil: Caliban Cove

Resident Evil: Underworld

Resident Evil: Zero Hour

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