Resident Evil 5 Review

It's finally here! After years of wait, Resident Evil 5 is finally here! You're probably wondering why I'm so excited, considering RE4 wasn't my favorite game in the series to say the least. Well I'm so excited because RE5 has something that is getting me excited the part four didn't. An enticing story that is pleasing to me. Resident Evil 4's story didn't help me feel like it was Resident Evil, and because of the slight genre change, I felt that it needed that to keep me interested. But, it didn't and it doesn't. Resident Evil 5 however, progresses the series main storyline for the first time since ResEvil 0. Now, honestly, if Resident Evil 5 didn't have a story that interested me, and decided to play too much like ResEvil 4, I probably wouldn't have scored the game so high. Now, of course, story is not the only thing that is need to score high. Graphics, game play, and otherwise general points are also important to get the score up there. The graphics for Resident Evil 5 are some of the best to grace this generation, much unlike Umbrella Chronicles. Some moments in Resident Evil 5 look so real and genuine, you can't help by try to flee the room instead of just pulling your control stick forward. To be clear, I am reviewing the Xbox 360 version of ResEvil 5, although I can't imagine the PS3 version is any different (sorry, don't own a PS3 so can't verify it). Now unless you're new to this site, or just completely stupid, then you know I did not care for RE4 at all. Surprising, huh? Considering most of the world practically died over the game which apparently broke ground that I just didn't see. Once again, maybe it was the fact that the story and gameplay just didn't interest me, that I never got into the game. I've also read reviews from others saying 5 is a let down compared to 4. Now to me, It succeeds 4 in every possible way.

Obviously the game pushes co-op off on you, and I suggest you take them up on that offer. Singe player is good alone, but co-op is really where RE5 shines. It's evident from RE5 and Umbrella Chronicles co-op, that every other RE game would be a plain blast to play. Since having you're partner helping you survive is a big factor in surviving, it also really helpful to have a person playing with you, as opposed the A.I. Sure, the A.I. works just fine, healing you and themselves when needed, but sometimes when they're not around and you are shoved into dying state, they won't run to you as fast as a real person would, and that is something that can lead to either a quick completion or a quick demise.

Unlike most RE games, RE5 stands in sort of a middle ground between high supply of ammo and health, to none at all. Most RE games are either one or the other. It is hard for me to decide where 5 stands in this matter, so I'm just sticking it in the middle. Some areas will be full of ammo and health, and of course most enemies drop supplies upon deaths, but sometimes you'll find yourself finding ammo for a weapon you don't even have on, which will be no help at the current moment, to nothing at all. Something that RE5 should have implemented that Umbrella Chronicles did, is supply you with ammo to the guns you have in your inventory. Like RE4, you will need to find money by either selling things or just finding gold to upgrade your weapons, buy new ones, and buy First Aid Sprays. Money comes in no short supply, as enemies will almost always drop small amounts of gold, and certain areas will hold much more.

For die-hard fans of the series, you will find yourself pleased with the storyline in RE5. The return of Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker and please turn away if you don't want to read this.................. Jill Valentine. The story may seem a little shoddy to others, but to us RE fans, we'll feel right at home with the return of three of our favorite characters. In ResEvil4, I didn't give a rats ass on if Ashley survived or not (story wise), but I really wanted Jill to survive. The final boss of the game may displease some fans. All I'll say is that is destroys a beloved/hated character. You should have guessed who I'm referring to, but if you didn't I won't spoil anymore.

Resident Evil 5 ends up being a not-so surprising meaty experience. Unfortunately, the epic only clocks in at around 12 hours, which is normal for most RE games, but I got so into it, I wanted it to be double, maybe even triple that! Okay, I realize that's asking for a lot. I mean, come on, a 30 hour long game, is a little much, but I'd sit through RE5 even if it was that long. I was that invested in it from start to finish. And even after completing the game, there are tons of things waiting for you after wards, including the return of The Mercenaries from RE3 & RE4. You won't be disappointed with that, as you can play as either Chris, Sheva, Wesker or Jill. As well as the recently released Add-on, Versus, with one of the games within versus letting you hunt down and kill the other players, not just the "zombies". I suggest playing as Jill or Wesker in these modes. Chris and Sheva are good and all, but I kinda got my full of them through the ten hours I controlled them. 


                                       out of 5
                    Graphics - 4.8 out of 5
Controls - 4.5 out of 5
                 Story - 3.3 out of 5
                 Level Design - 4.2 out of 5
                 Replay Value - 4.5 out of 5

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