Resident Evil: Extinction Review

The first Resident Evil film was a technically good film, but a really bad adaptation. The second, was a techinally flawed film, but an amazing adaptation. And now, the third, falls into neither category. It's a bad adaptation. And a really bad film on it's own.  

Looks who's back? The same woman who lead you down an embarrassingly bad film once before, is back again. Last time, because of Jill Valentine, Apocalypse was great. And I didn't even mind Alice. This time, just like the first, I was anticipating the moment where she would slaughtered like the pathetic pig she really is. Extinction is a boring film from start to finish. The first movie was a fun watch. I enjoy Apocalypse immensely from start to finish. And Extinction is just a pain and bother to sit through. Carlos is back, but Jill isn't. And once again Carlos is annoying and useless. Many people consider Exinction to be superior to Apocalypse. Why? I'll never know. Extinction sucks from start to finish.  

Can you tell who this is? Yeah, I can't really either. It's suppose to be Claire Redfield. You'd think I'd be more excited about this, but I'm not. Unlike Jill Valentine, Claire is portrayed in the films as the direct opposite of what she is in the game, and her performer (no offense to Ali Larter in other roles) sucks royally in the film. In Apocalypse, you could recognize Jill if you were familiar with her from the games almost as soon as you saw her. But Claire Redfield, unfortuently, doesn't get the star treatment Jill did. And she also doesn't hold my attention like Jill did. I was able to overlook Apocalypse's flaws because Sienna Guillory put forward an amazing performance as Jill, but Ali Larter isn't good enough in this film to make me overlook Extinction flaws. And there are a lot of them.  

Like the other films, the creatures in Extinction get the real star treatment here. The dogs are back, and while the Lickers aren't, they were replaced with another game favorite/nuisance: The Crows. The big crow scene in the movie, that was much hyped about, did not disappoint. It was a shining example of what this film could have been. It was ruined at the end, as Alice, suddenly with telekinetic powers, steps in and saves the day. That's my main problem with these movies. They push Alice off on us, and instead of making her endearing or relatable like the game characters, they just give her a few superpowers and expect us to relate to her. What a joke. The film does introduce Albert Wesker to the film series, but he doesn't do anything at all except sit in his chair from Tokyo, so there's no way to really judge how well they got the essence of the character. But I guess the simple fact that he isn't in the forefront, taking charge, gives me my answer. He just sits in a chair the whole movie. The film also gives Alice hundreds of clones to fight against Wesker, becuase we all know she could never take him down alone. And instead of having game characters like Claire Redfield fight alongside her, this film gives us the inkling that it will be Alice, Alice, Alice, Alice, Alice, Alice, Alice, Alice Vs. Wesker.  

Hopefully part 4 will make up for the absolute mess, but it will take a lot for this absolute suck fest to be redeemed. 


                                                                                                 out of 5
                                                  Adaptation Value - 1.4 out of 5
Movie Value - 2.4 out of 5
                                        Story - 2.2 out of 5
                                        Direction - 3.9 out of 5
                                        2nd Viewing - 2.6 out of 5 
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