Resident Evil Outbreak: File #2 Review

Sadly, no matter how great Outbreak File #2 was, people had already moved on to the incredibly overrated Resident Evil 4 by this point, and Outbreak File #2 was forgotten. File #2 follows the same formula of File #1, with the same eight characters from the first making a return, in five brand new scenarios. Because people had already moved on to Resident Evil 4, File #2's sales slumped, and only manages sell a few thousand copies. But does the fact that Resident Evil 4 sold more make it a better game. Absolutley Not. 

Boasting five brand new scenarios, Outbreak File 2 proved that the old formula was still good. It was officially the last game to use the traditional RE formula, but people has already moved on. And because of that, sales for File 2 were less then expected, and talk of a File #3 immediately ceased. Thankfully, Outbreak File 2 fixed all of the first Outbreak's flaws, and polished the already existing good notes of the game. Like the first game, all eight characters come with an already collected item. For some it's a handgun, others it's a lock pick. Characters like Mark and Kevin, who came equipped with different types of handguns in the first game, retain these guns, but also start off with a fresh clip for their specific weapons. Cindy, who came with an already full herb case in the first game, holds on to that, and in addition gets a bandage that she can use on herself or her partners to immediately stop bleeding. Speaking of partners, unlike in the first game where each character already had two pre-set partners that couldn't be changed no matter what the settings, in File 2, you can now choose who your two partners will be, so that all female assault team is finally possible. Other nice tweaks include character specific attacks. One includes the duck Cindy used when shouldering a partner in the first game, now allows her to pull the partner out of harm's way to avoid any damage they may be dealt. 

Your eyes are not playing a trick on you. That is indeed a zombie elephant. And if that's not enough to convince you to go out and buy this game, maybe this will. That particular scenario is called "Wild Things", and takes place in the Raccoon City Zoo. In addition to the elephant, you will also be forced to fight zombie alligators, hyenas, toucans and many other zombified animals. This specific thing sets Outbreak apart from other Resident Evil games. The first Outbreak featured scenarios to which you would assume are traditional Resident Evil venues, like labs, city streets and other familiar locales. In File 2, each scenario is so original and diverse from the last, you will find yourself playing an entirely new story each time. You fight your way out of a zoo, a subway, yet another lab, and other new locales. But just like the first Outbreak, expect to see special guest appearances from classic Resident Evil characters. Nobody as big a Jill Valentine or Albert Wesker, but smaller characters that are still fun to see for a die hard fan. The first Outbreak had Nicholai Ginoveaf from Resident Evil 3 stop by for a visit, and File 2 has Marvin Branaugh and Ben Bertolucci from Resident Evil 2 appearing. These little cameos and supporting roles set the Outbreaks apart from the other spin-offs. Unlike Dead Aim, and Survivor, which real have no real connection to the main series, Outbreak tries to prove itself as being part of that established canon, something that is greatly appreciated. 

 While Outbreak will never gain the action oriented fans of Resident Evil 4 and 5, fans of the classic, and best, Resident Evil games will get much enjoyment out of this one. While things like loading times are still a major issue, you won't notice it, because of the overall fun you'll have blasting zombie brains on the pavement with your eight new friends. 


                                                                                                                                 out of 5
                                                                                  Graphics - 4.0 out of 5
Controls - 3.8 out of 5
                                                                  Story - 3.7 out of 5
                                                                  Level Design - 4.3 out of 5
                                                                  Replay Value - 5 out of 5


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