Resident Evil (Remake) Review

Remakes are never as good as the originals, right? That at least proves true for 99% of movies. Are video games any different? I don't know about video games in general, but the Resident Evil remake amplifies everything great about the original, transforming it into one of the best games ever made, and what very well may be the best survival horror game ever made. The graphics, dialogue, story, every single thing in this game is redone from the original. Sometimes not always completely, but there definitely is a lot changed. Sure, the original will always have a place in all RE fan's hearts, but no one can deny that the remake is the superior game.  

Just like the original, the remake lets you choose between Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine to play as, and gives you an arsenal of weapons to fight off hordes of the undead with. Like every other Resident Evil game, ammo and health, as well as Ink Ribbons are limited. The game is infinitely easier with a handy glitch for Jill the developers apparently didn't notice. Unfortunately, this glitch is only present on the North American Gamcube versions of the game. During Chris' story, you're partner character is Rebecca Chambers. She will aid you in certain missions and puzzles, and can even treat your wounds at a certain point. In Jill's game, Barry Burton will soon become your partner character, not only helping you solve puzzles like Rebecca does for Chris, but also pulling Jill out of the fire in more than one occasion. The game truly does redefine everything that was great about the original game, without going to the extreme of redoing everything, like Resident Evil 4. The graphics are so outstanding in this game, that many elements like fire and water look absolutely real. These surreal graphics will have you questioning your sanity and wondering if you've gone completely insane. 

New areas and elements are present in the remake that didn't appear in the original. The developers went so far as to add an entirely new subplot that was cut from the original. New features include defense weapons, including Grenades for Chris, Stun guns for Jill, and Daggers for the both of them. These weapons come in handy when you have been grabbed by an enemy, as with a quick tap of the left shoulder button, your character will pull out their defense weapon, and in some cases, kill the enemy instantly. This will save you from many damage that would otherwise be pushed upon you. New areas including a graveyeard, forest and the creepy underground hideout of Lisa Trevor will surely freak the crap out of you. Speaking of Lisa Trevor, she happens to be the new subplot that was cut from the original. Without giving away the exact plot she takes a role in, let's just say Lisa is one evil bitch, with hands bound in what seems to be rope and a cinderblock, who will swing the block at you, causing you to immediately drop to the next lowest health state. She can never be killed, and like Nemesis, will follow you around a lot. Fortuently unlike Nemesis, Lisa doesn't come equipped with a rocket launcher. Like the original, I really enjoyed the many endings you can get, and throughout the game there will be many moments on both Chris and Jill's story, where you have the option to save your partner character from certain death or let them die. Capcom has outdone themselves by creating what is hands down the best Resident Evil game ever made, and really proved they they can stand toe to toe with other great survival horror franchises like Silent Hill, in terms of scare factor.  


                                                                                                                              out of 5
                                                                                Graphics - 5 out of 5
Controls - 3.8 out of 5
                                                                Story - 4.8 out of 5
                                                                Level Design - 4.7 out of 5
                                                                Replay Value - 5 out of 5


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